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CensusAtSchool: Random Data Selector

Random Data Selector

Welcome to the CensusAtSchool Random Data Selector web facility.

This gives access to all of our CensusAtSchool databases. You can take random samples of the raw data collected from CensusAtSchool, in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. You may choose to select from all data or you can choose responses from a particular region, age or gender depending on which database you choose.

Sample sizes allowed are up to 200 for UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and 500 from the South African database.

The samples of data are for you to use in the classroom to learn more about statistics and data handling. Some of the earlier datasets may need coding sheets to fully understand them and there is also a page with the questionnaires themselves available for you to view.

This facility is provided and maintained by the International Centre for Statistical Education.

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